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For Sellers

Moving is rarely fun and comes with volumes of emotions and stresses. From making the decision to move, to the physical aspects of moving and prepping the home for sale.

Circumstances vary as do homes and I listen to my sellers to know their needs. As a full time broker I am here to use my experience and resources to help make this transition as smooth as possible. After getting to know you, I am able to advise on timing, price and preparation. Not all circumstances allow for prepping a home for sale, but where they do I can help.

For Sellers

Although some homes are picture perfect, in most cases we need to work on presentation to maximize the market price. I can coordinate everything from hauling and gardening to painting and staging, and all the little details in between, I’ll do whatever can be done to help make your home shine and stand out. I suggest if your home needs some updates or improvements, consider doing them now so you can enjoy them. And then you’ll be done if and when you decide to sell!

Markets vary from area to area and from day to day. My goal is to keep you informed of current market inventory and trends, to best position your property within the market when you are ready to sell. I then oversee all the details, coordinate all the parties involved and the paperwork to ensure the transaction closes smoothly.

I would be pleased to share with you my dynamic marketing plan, tailored to your needs, home and neighborhood using our unsurpassed marketing materials and market reach.

And please never hesitate to call and ask questions. I love sharing!

Aleso Gourhan
Aleso Gourhan - East Bay Real Estate Specialist