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For Buyers

The process of finding and purchasing a home can be very intense and stressful. I am here to use my experience and reputation to help guide you thru the process and into your new home!

Our markets, with their limited inventory can be challenging and neighborhoods can vary dramatically. I LISTEN and really get to know my clients, their needs and what they are looking for in a new home. Having always lived in the area I feel that I truly know the neighborhoods and in addition I tour new listings regularly to know the current inventory. This enables me to to give my clients meaningful feedback to enable them to be ready and make an informed offer when we find their next home.

For BuyersThe process of purchasing a home is complex and you will be asked to make decisions quickly. You will have to decide if the house is right for you and to make an offer, be ready to do inspections, review reports/disclosures and respond to sellers within relatively short time frames. Throughout this process I am always there, using my experience and resources to assist and provide guidance.

My goal is to help you find and acquire the home you want and then to make the process as smooth as possible. After you close, I am still here and always available to help and serve as a resource.

Aleso Gourhan
Aleso Gourhan - East Bay Real Estate Specialist